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"Reflections" Released May 31st 2013

 12 Original tracks including a duet with Margo O'Donnell and a duet with Nicky James
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Joe McShane: Reflections
Joe, Margo and Nathan Carter recently wrote the song "On The Boat From Liverpool" here is the YouTube link http://youtu.be/wnSMqnzmltw 

News !!!

Margo and Joe now write a monthly column in the Irish American News!
"It Starts With A Song"
The column always includes the words to one of their songs every month!
You can click on this link to read the paper

Joe and Margo and their Nashville co-writing partner James Thacker recently wrote a song, specially for Lisa McHugh called "In The Glow Of The Light" which is released as a single
It is also on her latest album "Dreams Come To Light" on Rosette Records. And includes
another track written by Joe and James, called "Words Don't Reach My Heart"

"Christmas Spirit" Duet with Margo O'Donnell
Written by Joe McShane/Margo O'Donnell/James Thacker
Released December 2011

Margo and Joe singing "Christmas Spirit" Live